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Texas Crime Prevention Association Membership offers several benefits:

  • Access to free or discounted training and resources on crime prevention and risk reduction strategies.
  • Networking opportunities and knowledge sharing with other members.
  • Exclusive access to membership portal with additional resources and tools for crime prevention.
  • Potential discounts or incentives as an Association member.
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Membership Levels


      • Any individual who has a concerned interest in the promotion of crime prevention in the State of Texas may become an active member. Members will have voting rights, serve on committees and all other privileges of both the State and a selected Regional Association. New and renewal memberships will be $50.00. The term of membership will be for a period of one-year effective January 1st each year.  Dues must be paid prior to or at the annual conference to attend the general membership meeting and or take the CCPS test. (Membership includes a split with the region in which you live getting $25.00 of each membership fee paid)


      • All persons who in the opinion of the members, have rendered outstanding service to the Texas Crime Prevention effort. These members will not have voting rights, but may serve on committees. There are no dues for Honorary Members. Honorary Membership is in effect for a period of one year. There is no limit to the number of times that a member may be voted Honorary Membership.


      • This membership will be presented to the Executive Board of Directors by the Life Membership Committee, (see Article VIII Committees I). The committee will ensure the nominee meets the qualifications for Life Member. The TCPA Executive Board of Directors will present the nominee to the membership for a vote. There shall be no State or Regional dues for this class of membership. Life Members shall enjoy all the rights of active membership. Life Members shall have the privilege to attend all activities at the annual conferences without paying registration fees. This will include training, luncheons, banquet and welcome reception. The status of Life Membership shall remain until a justified reason is presented to the Life Membership Committee and the Executive Board of Directors to revoke the Life Membership. The Life Member may appeal the decision to the general membership who will have the authority to affirm or rescind the Executive Board of Directors decision by a two-thirds vote of the membership in attendance at the upcoming general membership meeting. This membership may not be awarded every year. Only one (1) Life Membership may be awarded in a year unless there are extraordinary circumstances that will be determined by the Life Membership Committee and will be awarded at the annual training conference only. Life Members may serve on any committee or run for any office on the State or regional board of directors.

Corporate Member

      • All Businesses, organizations, or groups affiliated with design manufacture, supply, installation of security related products, all insurance industry, contractors, building industry, or others interested in the crime prevention effort.  These members will have voting rights for one member of their organization named on the membership application, receive a free vendor table at annual conference with first choice of table location, (a Corporate Membership application must be submitted before the deadline for the conference), 1 annual luncheon meal ticket, the Corporate Member will be advertised on the TCPA website, Facebook and may serve on committees.  Each corporate membership application must be approved by the Board of Directors.  New Corporate Member dues are $500.00. 

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