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Crime Prevention Specialist

Crime Prevention Specialists have completed the necessary course work in crime prevention and professional development to prepare and implement proactive strategies to reduce crime and improve public safety in the community. Specialists work closely with residents, community groups, businesses, churches and schools to identify crime trends, address root causes and promote crime prevention initiatives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze crime data and statistics to identify patterns, hot spots, and contributing factors
  • Develop and deliver crime prevention programs, workshops, and educational materials for the public

  • Conduct security assessments and provide recommendations to residents and businesses to enhance safety measures
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, neighborhood watch groups, and community organizations to address crime concerns
  • Organize and participate in community events, meetings, and forums to raise awareness about crime prevention strategies
  • Serve as a liaison between the community and law enforcement, facilitating open communication and trust
  • Stay updated on best practices, emerging trends, and new technologies in crime prevention
  • Prepare reports, presentations, and proposals to communicate crime prevention initiatives and their impact

§221.39 Crime Prevention Specialist Proficiency

(a) To qualify, an applicant for a crime prevention specialist proficiency certificate must meet all proficiency requirements including:

(1) at least one year experience serving in a crime prevention assignment,

(2) successful completion of required courses (Crime Prevention 2101, 2102 and 2103), and

(3) pass an approved examination for crime prevention specialist proficiency.

(b) A certificate is valid for two years.

(c) To keep the certificate valid, the holder must successfully complete an update course or be assigned primarily as a crime prevention specialist by the appointing chief administrator once every two years.

(d) If the certificate becomes invalid, a holder may obtain a new certificate under the application standards in this section.

Non-refundable $35.00 fee must be included with the application along with the signature of the chief administrator or designee from the Texas Crime Prevention Association that attests the applicant meets the requirements of 221.39

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