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TCPA Training Course Offerings

Crime Prevention 1 – TCOLE 2101 

Crime Prevention 1 introduces students to the concepts of physical security and basic problem solving for law enforcement. Student will learn the basics of target hardening, and crime prevention.

Crime Prevention 1 includes:

·        Doors,

·        Locks,

·        Windows, and

·        Glass 

·        Problem Solving

·        Community Policing

40 Hours | Exam Required | Home Security Survey & Hardware Store Visit | Student Presentation

Crime Prevention 2 – TCOLE 2102 

Crime Prevention 2 covers commercial security and the TCPA Security Assessment. This course is more advanced and goes deeper into commercial applications of security and the power of prevention. 

Crime Prevention 2 includes:

  • Commercial Doors,
  • Locks,
  • Windows,
  • Power of prevention, and
  • Best business crime prevention practices. 

40 Hours | Exam Required | TCPA Security Assessment Project | Student Presentation


Crime Prevention 3 – TCOLE 2103

Crime Prevention 3 is an introduction to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.  The student will learn the basic concepts of CPTED and how they are applied in a security plan. Upon completion of Crime Prevention 3 the student is eligible for the Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Exam. **(This class does not qualify as a CPTED Practitioner Course)

Crime Prevention 3 the student will learn:

  • Access Control,
  • Territoriality,
  • Natural Surveillance,
  • Maintenance & Management and
  • CPTED Survey Checklist

24 hours | Student Project | CPTED Survey Checklist | Student Presentation

Certified Crime Prevention Specialists Exam – TCOLE 2104

TCOLE exam to become state certified Certified Crime Prevention Specialists

2 hours | Prerequisite - Completion of CP1, CP2, and CP3

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