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TCPA Training Course Offerings

Crime Prevention 2101 

Crime Prevention 2101 introduces students to the concepts of physical security and basic problem solving for law enforcement. Student will learn the basics of target hardening, and crime prevention. The student will be expected to conduct a student presentation as well as identify the following:

  • Doors,
  • Locks,
  • Windows,
  • Glass,
  • Problem Solving, and
  • Community Policing

40 Hours | Exam Required | Home Security Survey & Hardware Store Visit | Student Presentation

Crime Prevention 2102 

Crime Prevention 2102 covers commercial security and the TCPA Security Assessment. This course is more advanced and goes deeper into commercial applications of security and the power of prevention. The student will be able to identify the following:

  • Commercial Doors,
  • Locks,
  • Windows,
  • Power of prevention, and
  • Best business crime prevention practices. 

40 Hours | Exam Required | TCPA Security Assessment Project | Student Presentation


Crime Prevention 2103

Crime Prevention 2103 is an introduction to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.  The student will learn the basic concepts of CPTED and how they are applied in a security plan. The student will be able to identify the following:

  • Access Control,
  • Territoriality,
  • Natural Surveillance,
  • Maintenance & Management, and
  • CPTED Survey Checklist

24 hours | Student Project | CPTED Survey Checklist | Student Presentation

Certified Crime Prevention Specialists Exam – TCOLE 2104

***Upon completion of Crime Prevention 2101, 2102 and 2103, student is eligible to take the TCOLE exam to become a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist (CCPS).

2 hours | Prerequisite - Completion of Crime Prevention 2101, 2102, and 2103. 

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