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TCPA Training Course Offerings

Crime Prevention 1 – TCOLE 2101 

Crime Prevention 1 introduces students to the concepts of security, physical security, information technology, and cyber security. The CPTED strategies covered in CP 1 are known as Target Hardening and Geographical Juxtaposition as they are used in both commercial and residential applications..

Target Hardening includes:

  • Doors,
  • Locks,
  • Windows, and
  • Glass 

40 Hours | Exam Required | Certified Basic Crime Prevention Practitioner

Crime Prevention 2 – TCOLE 2102 

Crime Prevention 2 is an intermediate evidence-based practices and problem solving course for Law Enforcement, Security, and Civilians wanting to learn about community engagement and crime reduction practices. Students will be introduced to  basic criminology and its principles teaching how to use community engagement to address crime and quality of life issues.  Crime Prevention 2 is an education based course. (This course is writing intensive.)

The student will learn the following 

  • Sustaining Neighborhood Watch,
  • National Night Out,
  • Police Athletic Leagues,
  • Activities with  with a COP, 
  • Harm Focused Policing, and
  • Crime Reduction / Problem Solving model PANDA

40 Hours | Practicum & 2 Written Essays | Certified Community Engagement Practitioner

Crime Prevention 3 – TCOLE 2103

Crime Prevention 3 introduces the student to the Risk formula and how it relates to target hardening strategies in both crime prevention and reduction practice. The student will review physical security principles taught in CP1 and apply them in conducting a full TCPA security assessment. The TCPA assessment identifies physical/cyber security vulnerabilities and risk factors. The student will also learn about the power of prevention and be able to create their own presentation to use in their day to day job. 

24 hours | Student Project | Eligible for Certified Crime Prevention Specialists

Certified Crime Prevention Specialists Exam – TCOLE 2104

TCOLE exam to become state certified Certified Crime Prevention Specialists

2 hours | Prerequisite - Completion of CP1, CP2, and CP3

Crime Reduction and Community Engagement on Patrol

Introduces the patrol officer to the concepts of security, physical security, and community engagement. The student will learn how to apply these to calls for service, consensual encounters, and community meetings. 

16 hours | No Prerequisites | Class Practicum


Community Engagement and Crime Prevention for Supervisors

Course designed for Sergeants and above to effectively manage a community engagement or crime prevention unit. Supervisors will be introduced to evidence based policing that is harm focused, using principals taught in the TCPA crime prevention courses.  

24 hours | No Prerequisites | Exam Required

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