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2023 Conference Training Update:

Classes will be in blocks of 2-hours. 

    Monday, July 10, 2023

          • Starting a Handicap Parking Program   
          • Advanced Handicap Parking Enforcement                
          • Telegram:  The new dark web                           
          • Alzheimer’s: For First Responders
          • Keeping up with the Con Artist
          • Adult Protective Servicers Exploitation           
          • Crime Prevention and Drones

    Tuesday, July 11, 2023

          • Operation Identification
          • Burglary Protection
          • Sleep Deprivation on Police Performance
          • Juvenile Programing for Community Relations                                                         
          • Family Violence | When the Cop is the Abuser          
          • Internet Predators | Warning signs                     
          • Duty to Intervene                                                  
          • Case Study | 2017 Plano Mass Shooting                             
          • Crossing the Pond | Challenges of an International Joint Investigation           

    Wednesday, July 12, 2023

          • TABC
          • Many Faces of Homelessness
          • Pro Active Animal Control                                     
          • Child Occupant restraint enforcement (4 hours 1 time only)                   
          • Ethics Based on Decision Making                                  
          • Autism and the officer on the street                           
          • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace                         

    Thursday, July 13, 2023

          • Distracted Driving (4 hours 1 time only)
          • Current Alcohol and Drug Trends                                 
          • Health and Wellness                                             
          • No more Victims MADD: How to partner with MADD    
          • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
          • What3words                                   
          • Vicarious or Secondary Trauma MADD: Signs and Resources for First Responders
          • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
          • School Safety Center TBA
          • Protective Orders for Law Enforcement
          • Fentanyl Awareness - In our communities                   

    AWARDS BANQUET 5:30 PM                          



    These classes will only be offered one time each.

    • Distractive Driving (4 hours)
    • TABC (3 hours)
    • Child Occupant Restraint Enforcement (3 hours)
    • Many Faces of Homelessness (3 hours)

    Our Mission

    To encourage the prevention of crime through coordinated and concentrated efforts, and through programs and functions that encourage citizen involvement and participation, to preserve safe environments and communities for the citizens of Texas.

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